Capital City Planning

EpicSarah is leading the building effort. If you want to help please let her know and she will direct you to where you are needed.


The new capital city will be named Draconis.

Materials Needed
– Dark Wood (Dark Oak)
– Stone Brick
– Cobble
– Sand (For Glass)
– Dirt (For Landscaping)

Buildings Needed
– Government Center (House of Lords)
– Royal Barracks
– Market (Open Air)
– Market (Buildings)
– Temple(s) (Details Pending)
– Docks
– Canal (Leading to Ocean)
– Mines (In Industry District)
– Saw Mill
– Blacksmith(s)
– Stables
– Tavern(s)
– Roads
– Rail Station
– Fortress (Dungeon Below)
– Fountains/Wells
– Bath House
– Hospital
– Trade Guild Buildings (Masons, Carpenters, Traders, Magicians, Et Cetera)
– University
– Library
– Stock Yards
– Housing (Pre-built and Empty Plots for Sale)

General Information
Anyone helping with the building, landscaping, or material gathering for the city will be gifted a free plot in the capital city. Those showing exceptional effort may also be gifted with a title of nobility in the land. The capital city, with few exceptions, will be built with legitimately gather materials and without the aid of worldedit, worldguard, or spawned materials.